Thirty youngsters from Germany, Iceland and Poland traveled within eleven days to five different towns and cities in South Germany to seek and find different points of view on what it means to be a living human being in a modern European society. The effort: Listening to different people´s opinion why one should (not) help others. The goal: To reach 1000 people in 10 different trains and five different cities and towns with the people4people message: “Be the Change you want to see.” This project was financed with the support of the European Commission:


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Youthpass is available for projects funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action and Youth in Action programmes. With Youthpass the participants of these projects can describe what they have done and show what they have learnt. Youthpass is part of the European Commission’s strategy to foster the recognition of non-formal learning. All participants of our Youthexchange learned about the Youthpass. This blog is to remind us about the importance of the Youthpass. Continue reading

The People 4 People song

day9 (8)Arnar Freyr Warén, one of the participants wrote a text that became the song of the People 4 People youth exchange. If you want to try to sing it (Country road …), here is the text:

If you want it you can do it ( country road )

Hear me sisters, hear me brothers
help is needed, everywhere we go.
Let’s start thinking, more of others.
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